Mental Health Therapy By Professionals in Mogadishou, Somalia, Overcome stress, anxiety and burnout with help from a Psychiatrist/clinical psychologist Book A Free 15-minute consultation

Mental Health Therapy For Professionals in Mogadishu,

Overcome stress, anxiety and burnout with help from a Psychiatrist & clinical psychologist

Proven Therapy Strategies for Busy Professionals

Talk Therapy

Skill Building Techniques

Data-Driven Results


You’re busy balancing a professional and personal life. Compass Psychological Services provides evidence-based care: part talk therapy and part skill-building techniques. The results are an effective and personalized treatment plan with objective and measurable results to get you back to feeling and functioning your best.

Comprehensive mental health care

If you’re wondering Why do I feel like this? How do I get better?

We’ll draw on my extensive clinical expertise and wide range of therapy tools, working collaboratively to bring about lasting change and healing.

Areas of Focus:

  • trauma
  • anxiety
  • depression
  • bipolar disorder
  • personality disorders
  • Couples
  • family therapy
  • divorce
  • blended families
  • parenting

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