The Somali Mental Health Center,Inc.

The Somali Mental Health Center, Inc . Is a Non – governmental, Non –profit,

Charitable medical an d psychiatric l Aid center, registered in Ottawa, Canada, with and OPD Center in Mogadishu, Somalia . and sine 2008, we operated a Multi-phased  psychiatric and medical hospital in Buroa & Hargeisa in Northwest Somalia.

Since its inception in 1995. The Somali Mental Health Center , Inc. has served over 35.000 mental health patients in our center .We have taken the practical steps of establishing a main out patient department (OPD)in Mogadishu – The capital city , and the out laying rural regions of Benadir , Middle and Lower Shabele;, The encouragement of Research on Somali Mental Health Diseases and causes ; advocacy and Training fro Psychiatric Community Workers (PCWs) ; the Establishment and Maintenance of professional standards in Somalia and care and service for HIV/AIDS patients who exhibit psychiatric symptoms because of HIV/AIDS infection.

At the present time, the center manages a 36- bed facility in Mogadishu, 16 – bed hospital in Hargeisa and Buroa Northwest Somalia. And admits every year on an out patient treatment and counseling for adults and children .Over 6800 patients were admitted last year (2007) on an out – patient basis the most common psychiatric problems that merit admissions are Psychosis, Neurosis , Epilepsy , Depression , Male impotency , Morbid Anxiety and Schizophrenia as well as War injuries (Wounded)+ Mentally Disable population.

Year Total     No.     of Patients % Male % Female %children
1 1997 3071 45% 34% 21%
2 1998 4700 57% 32% 11%
3 1999 4950 49% 31% 20%
4 2000 5010 47% 32% 21%
5 2001 5200 51% 39% 10%
6 2002 5490 46% 34% 20%
7 2003 5500 52% 34% 17%
8 2004 5900 56% 33% 11%
9 2005 6076 44% 41% 15%
10 2006 6390 60% 32% 9%
11 2007 6870 59% 30% 11%
12 2008 4779 63% 28% 8.5%
13 2010 5556 67% 23% 11%


We are currently involved in child & Adolescent Mental Health Services, as well as counseling services for IDPs,   and street children in Somalia .We have a Group Home for street Kids and Run-away Teens in Mogadishu City .the Capital and Hargeisa City In Somaliland(North – West Region)

Our Vision:

The SMHC’s vision is “Helping Somali People Help Themselves’ through better mental health and future” . a world that provides basic Mental health care to all, responds immediately to save lives in times of crisis, and looks beyond emergencies to safeguard long term mental and physical health.

Impartial: We act regardless of Gender, age, Tribe, Disability or political affiliation and make decisions based on independent assessments.

Inclusive: We work in partnership with INGO and local health agencies, local communities and other organizations.

Professional: Our staff is professional doctors, nurses, mental health specialists and Clinical psychologist and Social Workers who may come from anywhere in Somalia.

Lasting: We respond rapidly to emergencies and work over the long term to build lasting Mental and Public health care systems.

The Somali Mental Health Center, Inc.Tries to address the issues most pertinent in mental health & Health Promotion field in Somalia, and given the above brief introduction of The Somali Mental Health Center, Inc. We would appreciate your cooperation and assistance in regards to our collective efforts in” Helping Somali People Help Themselves:”through better mental health and future” .

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